Before Dawn ― 100 years from Shuzo Kure and his Nameless Mental Paitients

(2018 / 66 minutes / subbed both in Japanese and English with barrier-free options)

How do we respond to the human rights issues raised 100 years ago?

Shuzo Kure (1865-1932), a professor of psychiatry at the University of Tokyo, was a pioneer who strived to achieve social justice 100 years ago, which was an unprecedented attempt in those days.
He lamented the fact that mentally impaired patients were confined to prison-like rooms in their homes, so he worked hard to solve the problem. He wrote a report titled “The reality of the home confinement of mentally impaired patients and statistical observations” in 1918. Based on it, he asked all parties concerned to improve their living conditions.
Today, one century later, what has become of the environment surrounding those patients?